How GPS Trackers Work

Global Positioning System (GPS) can be installed into a vehicle in order for the car to be tracked. These devices allow parents, managers, bosses or even the car’s owner itself to track the vehicle. From real-time location data to speed information all can be tracked now using GSP technology. According to an article, GPS uses satellites to pin-point exact locations so that the car can be found or tracked. This is the same technology that is used on in-car navigation systems as well as portable GPS units. The difference between navigation versus trackers is that the navigation gives the driver directions where the tracker keeps records of habits as well as broadcasts the location in real-time. If you don’t like the idea of your car broadcasting in real-time the location well, this is the same technology that is in use in your cell phone to connect to the internet or make calls and you carry that, right? So, who might be interested in using this type of technology to track cars? According to an article, everyone from parents and spouses to employers and stalkers are using GPS trackers to keep an eye on folks. Is this legal? Anyone can purchase a GPS tracker and use it. Because the technology is so new, it is not being regulated.

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