Software in the Driving School industry

Software is everywhere these days – It doesn’t matter what industry, there’s always a need for it. A company in the in the United Kingdom called SpeedyTests have created software which monitors the availability of driving tests. Unfortunately, for the people of the UK – There is a four, yes four-month waiting list to take your test. The issue is, people have busy lives. Most people wishing to take their driving test are between the ages of 17-21. Therefore, they’re in class, at work or training as an apprentice. Meaning, they can’t check for earlier dates all day long – but at the same time, they can’t wait four months each and every time they fail. Averagely, it take 2-3 attempts to pass the UK driving test – which equates to nearly a year alone being placed on waiting lists.

How it works

Learner drivers sign up to SpeedyTests and choose which dates they would be available to take their driving test. When this is done, they choose how frequently they would like the software to check for earlier tests. The options are: Every 5, 10 or 20 minutes. Now, they pick which days are out of bounds, and if they would like SMS notifications, or if they would like the software to automatically book the first test is finds. The pricing plan is 16.99, £19.99 and £22.99.

What next?

The client just sits back and relaxes, when the software finds a driving test which fits the preferences given by the client, an automated text is sent out. All the client needs to do is reply with the word ‘book’ and the software will automatically book the test for them. If they don’t like the test which has been offered, they simply ignore the text.

Summary of the business plan:

The business plan is very clear. If a service is lacking, there’s always room for a replacement. SpeedyTests (CarrotBoy Ltd.) saw a gap in the market, and seized the opportunity.

Summary of the software:

It seems reasonably simple process, we aren’t sure if it is done through an API or an alternative method.  We think the software is written is C# as the domain is hosted on a windows dedicated server.

Area for improvements

Possibly a free trial, most software companies now a days offer a free trial.

Another thing I thought of was targeting driving schools more. So far, the service is only B2C, I think the software could expand to B2B and really thrive with big driving schools.

Social Media presence – Although the company is quite new, not much effort has gone into their social media, with their target audience being young adults, you’d think that this should be a priority.

Overall review:

I will certainly be trying this out myself, it’s such an innovative idea which solves an issue. I have a family member who lives in the UK who would love to try their service. (They have experienced first hand how terrible the waiting times for a cancellation are).